Myrtle fargate. Lucci really captured the narcissistic mother who really sees the child as an extension of herself.

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I always wanted them to revisit that.

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I hated that they killed off Natalie, even though it didn't seem like she was really dead because Melody Anderson's portrayal seemed like a totally different character.

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Knowing the tacky, tasteless methods of the Daytime Emmys granny fuck photos had Kate Collins submitted for supporting, rather than lead, actress then Academy voters would have nominated her there.

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Growing up, everybody my age watched soaps.

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Maybe he would have been best suited to AMC.

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And nutty Silver Kane.

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Unbelievable Kate Collins never even got a nomination when fucking Brittany Allen won.

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The character and her controversy are two big reasons why All My Children draws nine million viewers each day and has become according to ABC one of the most videotaped shows in America.