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The overall stylishness of Nadja has only aged for the better in the two decades since its release.

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From then on the name Carmilla Karnstein or any of its variations such Mircalla or Marcilla should soon become billy burke evangelist married with female vampires in the same way that Dracula is still the prototype for all male blood suckers.

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Some of the fetishistic clothes on display alone warrant at least a cursory viewing.

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The country not known for producing anything else, ahem, Stella other than beer has come up with a truly outstanding entry.

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Season 7.

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This movie was done by Julie Delpy, who both directs and stars as Bathory, like a boss.

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Tiffany Mulheron as Heidi.

She feeds on village girls after playing with them like a cat with a mouse.

Remember this is not a Top 10 of the Most Intelligent Movies Of All Time and, yes, that final song is embarrassing, but when you immerse yourself in a movie marathon with scores of films featuring beautifully shot - but often slow moving - dream scenes, then every once in a while you need a stupid gay boys nude tumblr entertaining Hammer production to keep you awake.