Is joe jonas dating camilla belle. And he knew her before I did…It was just a situation where Aaliyah was the type of girl that would give you a shot.

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He always makes excuses about how he's too busy to date, then "hooks up" with female celebs known for bearding.

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If there was any upside to the deterioration of 3LW, it came in the form of The Cheetah Girlsthe less-often-recognized-but-thoroughly-enjoyable trilogy among the DCOM series.

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Diana was gone almost as soon as she'd come, again leaving Drake's "Roman" high and dry just after a big pairing was really getting off the ground.

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Why are people in movies about Hawaii always inheriting large plots of land on which someone wants to build a shopping center?

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We're not quite sure where they ended up Did they get arrested after Calliope was working with Rafe?

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Though his romantic relationships were murky and plentiful, his most significant one with first-love Chelsea, with whom he ultimately ended up, raised the level of typical teen romances by virtue of the strong performances by both their actors.

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