Having sex before your period. If you would prefer not to have your period at all, there are now options that will let you eliminate it altogether.

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Learn about polycystic ovary syndrome and get personalized answers with our symptom checker.

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Cramps after sex can have many causes.

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I have a UTI at the moment.

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One person said that if it was something agreed to before hand — then cool.

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Flashingjungle, is it normal for some one with paralysis to have depression.

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During this time, your cervical mucus may have a pasty, chunky texture that makes it harder for sperm to enter your cervix.

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As with the standard I judge all adults with, if you do not have a logical reason then you probably are just having a little kid moment and not being an adult because every action no matter how subtle has a logical reason even if we are to limited to understand it at times and minglers daytona you can deny someone something that makes them having sex before your period without even trying to search for that logical reason then you are just being a little kid mentally regardless of if your partner entertains that childish mentality.

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Implantation spotting, or implantation bleeding, is when a fertilized egg attaches itself on the inside wall of your uterus.

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