Female orgasim to induce labor. It's a sure fire way to induce labor.

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Tan said that many women believe intercourse can induce labor, and scientists have proposed plausible biological explanations for why it might help.

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Semen contains prostaglandins, the hormone-like substances that soften your cervix in preparation for labor.

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But to answer your question, the same muscles are used in an orgasm and in labor.

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Your doctor or midwife will tell you if this is the case.

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Tan said the belief also probably came from "the deep seated folk perception that intercourse in pregnancy may be unsafe and may cause pregnancy expulsion or miscarriage despite fairly replete evidence to the contrary.

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Tan Peng Chiong, an obstetrics and gynecology professor at the University of Malaya, and one of the authors of the study.

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Preparation 0 What it really means to exclusively breastfeed.

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Female orgasm creates uterine contractions as well.

It was a small study with 60 women who were questioned by a midwife at face-to-face interviews when they came to the hospital while in labor.

Article First Trimester Sex in Pregnancy.